Avada uses Fusion Builder which operates using containers. All content goes inside of containers, the flow is container > columns > elements. Each container has several options to help build your site. Containers can span the entire width of your browser window, or keep content contained inside the site width, they can have background images, parallax effects, borders, colors, padding, positioning, and a lot more.

Video & Image Backgrounds

Containers provide an abundance of customization settings to make your pages look as unique and elegant as possible. Choose an image, solid color, or even a video to be your  background. Control the border size and color, the padding, as well as the position of the section. This shortcode also has a unique effect that blurs and fades image backgrounds.

Container Video Backgrounds

The same self hosted video backgrounds that can be used with our Fusion Slider are also available in containers. Use color overlays, set color opacity, mute and loop the videos. Video backgrounds are perfect for adding visual appeal to your layouts.

Awesome Blur/Fading Effect On Scroll For The Container Background Image


Use as Many As You Want!

Use as many Containers as you need to create beautiful layouts that will capture your viewer’s attention. Set background images, colors or videos to span 100% browser width to make it even more interesting.