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Quick Response Energy Gel

Quick Response Energy Gel "Contains rumen by-pass methionine"

A vitamin and amino acid fortified energy supplement for ruminant animals.

Achieve blood levels fast.
Aids in the prevention of ketosis and ketotic complications.
Aids animals in recovering from illness or stressed conditions.
Fortified with Niacin and B vitamins.

Quick Response Energy Gel aids in the relief of symptoms caused by ketosis and ketotic complications. By rapidly supplying niacin, rumen protected methionine, propylene glycol and many of the daily recommended amounts of vitamins for the dairy cow, Quick Response Energy Gel helps reduce many of the problems associated with ketosis. Quick Response Energy Gel provides energy precursors which assist animals in regaining appetite and stamina when recovering from stress or illness.

Niacin & complex B vitamins
Due to the decreasing amount of food intake pre and post calving, all bovine are in an energy deficient state immediately after calving. Niacin and complex B vitamins have been indicated for post calving complications. Rumen By-Pass Methionine

Rumen By-Pass Methionine
Methionine is a deficient amino acid in the high producing cow. Since amino acids are only absorbed in the animals small intestine, encapsulating it with a special coating allows by-passing rumen degradation and destruction for maximum absorption.

Precursors of Energy
Supplying precursors of energy, such as propylene glycol, B vitamins plus protected methionine, is a great aid in restoring health to cattle after calving.


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