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Ultra Calorie 180 :: Animal Appetizer :: Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids!
  • Excellent Animal Appetizer.
  • Aids in weight gain.
  • 180 Calories per ounce.
  • Maximum nutrition in low dosages.
  • Aids in prevention of dehydration.

Ultra Calorie Cal Gel 180

Ultra Calorie 180 is great for any animal that is off of feed or in need of supplemental nutrition. We receive many responses from customers who have used Ultra Calorie 180 to save calves and cows that were not eating, or needed to gain weight.

Ultra Calorie 180 provides the fat needed by calves to generate strength and stamina in the cold winter stresses.

Ultra Calorie 180 is an excellent animal appetizer, aids in weight gain, and contains 180 calories per ounce.

Ultra Calorie 180 provides fat, carbohydrates, and protein in a highly concentrated emulsion with low dosage requirement.

Ultra Calorie 180 aids in the prevention of dehydration and maintains electrolyte balance in convalescing animals.

Ultra Calorie 180 use results in increased stamina. One tablespoon full of Ultra Calorie 180 provides 90 calories. Two and one half ounces provides the same caloric value as one pound can of dog food.

Equine athletes and young foals maintain weight and stamina during rigorous training and travel schedules using Ultra Calorie 180.

Ultra Calorie 180 is used widely in field trial and performance animals.

Appetite stimulation is the number one factor for strong growth and peak conditioning.

Ultra Calorie 180 Pump

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