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300 ml Walther Safety Tube

In order to assure our customers with the highest quality product available.  We designed our own plastic container for gel and paste products.  With over 14 years of experience backing our Walther Safety Tube, we have eliminated the many problems associated with producing a container for gels and pastes.

300 ml Walther Safety Tube features:

  • Safe tip - The large diameter orifice allows the product to flow out of the tube slowly and safely.  If the orifice is too small, the product is dangerously propelled at high speed to the back of the animals mouth.  When the product is propelled down the animal's throat, the risk inhaling product in the lungs is greatly increased. Foreign body or aspiration pneumonia usually occurs when products are inhaled in the animal's lungs.  The safe tip is also short to help prevent injury to the mouth or throat.
  • Anti-seap device - The anti-seap device is another example of how quality is always our first priority.  Years ago we discovered that during shipping, our products were sometimes subjected to harsh treatment.  We developed the anti-seap device for those times when the tube is dropped or hit.  If any product escapes the bottom plunger of the tube, the anti-seap device will provide another barrier.
  • Soft Pliable Material - The Walther Safety Tube is constructed of a soft, pliable plastic that won't injure the animals mouth if the tube is chewed.
  • Quality - The Walther Safety Tube is thoroughly inspected three different times during production to assure the highest quality finished product.

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