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Universal Gel Applicator (Unigel)

Many customers have contacted us asking for an inexpensive alternative to the conventional metal click guns used to dispense our tubes.  In response to these requests, we developed the Universal Gel Applicator (Unigel).

The Unigel is a simple to use economical alternative to the metal click guns. Unigel was developed for easy, low volume administration.  This method allows the product to contact the taste buds on the tongue, thus stimulating the swallowing reflex.  This technique reduces the problems associated with oral injuries and aspiration pneumonia.

  1. Place the ring over the neck of the tube.
  2. Slide the ring down the tube until it is stopped by the bottom tabs.
  3. Hold the circular end in one hand and insert the open end of the plunger into the bottom of the tube.
  4. By continually holding the tube with one hand, placing it over the tongue, better swallowing and complete emptying of the tube will take place.  Be sure to administer the product slowly allowing for proper swallowing.

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